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With over 6 years in the tech industry, my career spans a diverse range of experiences, from backend server development to cloud-native technologies. Great experience with Golang and Python based projects, I have also undertaken small projects in Rust, Lua, and JavaScript frameworks (Vue, Angular). My expertise notably extends to 2 years in cloud-native development, encompassing Docker, Kubernetes, and Openkruise, underpinned by a solid understanding of distributed systems and microservices.

I am currently enhancing my technical knowledge through a Master’s program at the University of Exeter, with an expected graduation date of September 2024. This academic endeavor is refining my skills and preparing me for the next stage of my professional journey.

In pursuit of my career objectives, I am seeking a full-time position that aligns with my background in backend development, cloud-native systems, and distributed architectures. I am eager to contribute to an environment that values innovation and challenges, continuing my growth in the tech industry.


Senior Software Engineer, Elastic Compute Platform

2021/07 - 2023/07
Shopee, Beijing

Network Team (2021): Maintained and optimized HAProxy and Nginx within the production environment, gaining extensive knowledge in network infrastructure and load balancing.

Elastic Compute Team (2022 - Jul 2023): Transitioned to Shopee’s core deployment platform, significantly enhancing its stability and functionality. Led the design and development of a new Kubernetes and Openkruise based deployment platform, designed for increased stability, efficiency, and flexibility.

Skills and Leadership Development: Advanced my expertise in Golang, Kubernetes, and cloud-native technologies. Enhanced abilities in teamwork, communication, problem-solving, project management, and technical leadership, contributing to key strategic initiatives.

Software Engineer, Infrastructure Team

2017/09 - 2021/06
Hortor Games, beijing

Internship to Senior Role: Began as an intern in the infrastructure team at Hortor Games, a mobile/H5 game company in Beijing. Over four years, progressed to more significant responsibilities, contributing substantially to various technical projects.

Major Project - Game Platform Development: Played a pivotal role in developing and maintaining a new gaming platform, aimed at enhancing performance and stability over the existing system. This critical project, involving a year-long development phase, resulted in a successful launch.

Technical Implementation and Impact: Utilized technologies such as Microservices, advanced database solutions, Message Queuing (MQ), ETCD, Redis, and Kubernetes. The platform efficiently handled high traffic volumes, managing 100k QPS and 10k concurrent connections, while supporting 10 million DAU, 100 million MAU, and over 1 million daily transactions.

Professional Growth: My tenure at Hortor Games was marked by significant skill development and contributions towards the creation and maintenance of robust, high-traffic gaming platforms.


Here are some of my recent projects. Want to see more? Email me.

High Performance Game Platform, Hortor Games
  • Objective: Developed a high-performance, high-availability game platform to enhance the efficiency of game development and operations at Hortor Games.

  • Performance Metrics: Engineered the platform to handle peak loads efficiently, managing up to 100k Queries Per Second (QPS) and 10k concurrent connections, demonstrating robust performance and stability.

  • Core Functionalities:

    • User Management: Implemented comprehensive features including registration, login, and user-relations management(over 200M users).

    • Payment Integration: Integrated multiple payment gateways such as WeChat Pay and Ali Pay, facilitating seamless transactions.

    • Push Notification System: Developed a reliable notification system to enhance user engagement.

    • Game Data Management and Analysis: Created tools for managing and analyzing game data, providing valuable insights for decision-making.

    • Logging System: Implemented a logging system to track and analyze game operations and user activities.

    • Chat and Customer Service Systems: Developed communication systems to enhance player interaction and support services.

  • Technologies Used: Leveraged a range of technologies (MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, MQ, Websocket, ETCD, ELK etc) to build various components of the platform.

  • Impact: The platform has significantly improved the operational efficiency of game teams at Hortor Games, contributing to better game development practices and enhanced player experience.

Cloud Native Deployment Platform, Shopee
  • Project Genesis: Identified several limitations in Shopee’s existing deployment platform during a year of maintenance. This led to the initiative of designing and developing a new, more advanced deploy platform.

  • Design and Development: Spearheaded the creation of a high-performance, high-availability cloud-native deployment platform. Focused on achieving greater stability, efficiency, and flexibility compared to the legacy system.

  • Innovative Solutions:

    • Kubernetes Integration: Utilized Kubernetes extensively, including Custom Resource Definitions (CRD), custom controllers, and schedulers, to build a robust deployment framework.

    • Openkruise Implementation: Incorporated Openkruise for advanced deployment features, emphasizing custom controller development for specialized needs.

    • Distributed System and Microservices Architecture: Designed the platform following distributed system principles and a microservices architecture, ensuring scalability and resilience.

  • Technologies Used: Employed a combination of cutting-edge technologies in Kubernetes, Openkruise, and other cloud-native tools to develop various components of the deployment platform.

  • Future Impact: The new platform is poised to replace the old system, promising enhancements in deployment stability, operational efficiency, and adaptability to evolving project requirements at Shopee.


GoIM is a distributed instant messaging solution based on Golang and RocketMQ. It’s a high performance and high availability solution. I’ve developed GoIM in 2021 and it’s still under development. It has passed the basic IM tests, but it still needs a lot of work to be done. My main purpose of developing GoIM is to learn distributed system and Instant Messaging. I’ve occurred a lot of problems during the development of GoIM and I’ve fixed most of them. It means I’ve learned something and improved my skills.

OSS Contributions

I'm a huge fan of open source software and I try to contribute back to the community as much as possible. Here are some of my recent

Karmada - Karmada (Kubernetes Armada) is a Kubernetes management system that enables you to run your cloud-native applications across multiple Kubernetes clusters and clouds, with no changes to your applications. I've contributed few bug fixes and features to Karmada project and used Karmada in Shopee's production environment.
Kinitiras - Kinitiras is a lightweight but powerful and programmable rule engine for kubernetes admission webhook. I'm main maintainer of Kinitiras project and I've contributed a lot of features and bug fixes to Kinitiras project. I've also introduced Kinitiras to Shopee's production environment and used it to solve some problems.
KCloudLabs - KCloudLabs is a open source organization that aims to provide some useful tools for kubernetes. I'm one of the main maintainers of KCloudLabs and I've contributed a lot of features and bug fixes to KCloudLabs projects.


I don’t have any publications yet. But I write some blogs about my projects and some technical topics.

  • Connection Pool in Golang(Chinese)
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